Street photo masterclass

I will help you become a better photographer

Street photography in its essence is simple. But the path to mastering the discipline is paved with anxiety, frustration and thousands of heartbreakingly useless photos. Buying a new camera won't make you a better photographer. Instead, you should focus on what really matters in becoming a better artist: Inspiration, knowledge and experience.

Autumn/winter 2016 classes in COPENHAGEN, BERLIN, LONDON and BARCELONA now open for booking - see further down on the page

My masterclass is a great way of kick-starting your journey towards becoming an accomplished street photographer. The cost of the course is negligible compared to what we're all willing to pay for new equipment - and unlike new camera gear, my classes will make you a better photographer, whatever camera you use.

In my view, street photography is the hardest photography discipline to master. By excelling in the streets you'll naturally become a better overall photographer. The skills are directly transferable to other situations you may find yourself in during your photographic endeavours.

What you get

My masterclass is no ordinary photography class. Sure, you get theoretical and practical tips you get everywhere else, but this should not be your main reason for signing up. You should join me if you want to immerse yourself into the art of street photography and are ready to take your photography to the next level through applied skills. Mastering street photography is less about learning about shutter speeds and aperture settings (but we do that too!) - and much more about learning to anticipate, react and adapt to certain situations - and overcoming your own inhibitions and anxieties.

By joining me you get a full day of intensive learning (see agenda below), including coffee, light lunch, bottled water and snacks. In addition, I will provide you with relevant, honest critique of your photographs after the class, when you've had a chance to go home and use your new-found skills

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Want a masterclass in your city?

I arrange masterclasses in different cities around the world. If your city isn't on the list of upcoming classes (see below), please click the button to let me know where you'd like me to go next. You can also sign up if you just want a notification whenever I add a new city to my calendar.

Street photography masterclass: The agenda

Every class is slightly different and I often change things on the fly to accommodate wishes from my students. But you can expect the day to more or less follow the following itinerary:

9.00: Early productivity lab
- We meet at the venue, drink coffee and make introductions.
- I present the assignments for the upcoming street session.
- Essential tips for street photography are presented. You will use these tips out on the streets in the next session!

10.00: Morning street session
- We take to the streets of the city. I'll guide you to the best spots for great street photos.
- You will hunt for the best photos to complete your assignment.
- I will coach you along the way and provide you with tips and encouragement.

11.30: Working lunch
- We go back to the venue and have lunch while we discuss the morning's captures.
- While studying a couple of photographs from each of you on a projector, I will provide critique that everyone in the group will benefit from.
- Introduction to editing techniques: I'll teach you my personal workflow for creating brilliant street photos. Under my supervision, you will be editing your shots from this morning.

13.00: Afternoon street session
- With my critique fresh in your mind, you will be well equipped to up your game for the second street session of the day.
- Your afternoon assignment will be harder than during the previous session. You will be challenged and you'll have to overcome your fears of approaching people in the street. But I'll be there to guide and encourage you.

15.30: Collaborative editing lab
- While focus is on capturing the best street shots, editing is also an important discipline to master.
- Building on the introductory session earlier, your will now learn more advanced editing techniques.
- Your will also learn how I manage the whole photography workflow professionally using just my phone/tablet.
- We exchange photos and edit each others' works. This is an important part of learning to let other people see your raw images.

17.00: The truth lab
- Final session where we look at different edits of the best shots of day.
- Using the projector, I show you how precisely what you could have done differently with your edit.
- Final Q&A.

17:30 Class ends

Post-class: Submit your works for my personal critique
Actually using newly acquired skills is essential to making them stick. This is why I've included a post-class critique session for up to three of your photographs. The idea is that you after the masterclass go back to your everyday environment and start shooting right away. I will then be on hand to provide brutally honest feedback, including pointers on how you can improve your images.

I will provide you with personal, written critique of 3 of your photographs up to two months after the class.

Important: You have my personal guarantee that your purchase is risk free. If for some reason the class is cancelled, the full amount will be refunded to your account.


What you need to bring (apart from your curiosity)

You need to bring you own digital camera and your smartphone (or tablet) and preferably a means to transfer photos between from the camera to the phone. If your camera doesn't have wifi connectivity you can use a physical connection like the SD card reader for iPhone.

Yes, I do use Lightroom on my Mac now and again, but it's not my primary tool for photo editing. It's just too cumbersome. My smartphone is a vital part of the my productivity chain which drastically shortens the path from shutter to publishing.

During my course, I'll teach you my workflow that negates the use of a computer in most situations.

If you shoot solely on your phone, that's OK too. I'm no camera snob and I've taken many of my best street shots with my phone.

Make sure you check the weather forecast and dress accordingly - and put on your best walking shoes.

Please note that all classes are held in English.


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