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About me


Photography is my drug

Ever since I started playing around with my dad's old Olympus FTL, I've been fascinated with photography. I don't do much analogue stuff anymore and I'm not too hung up about specific cameras or which kind of photography is the most "real". In fact, I aim to make the process from idea to finished result as smooth and short as possible. This enables me to remove distractions and focus on the important stuff like composition, awareness and timing.

This is also why I primarily edit my photos on a smartphone. The quality of the output from phones these days is, frankly, remarkable and I've edited many professional shots, solely on my iPhone.

Artistic freedom

Early on, I considered becoming a full time commercial photographer but I'm glad I didn't. Photography is a part-time occupation for me and it's not my primary source of income and this setup helps me maintain my artistic freedom and makes it possible for me to only do assignments for clients I care about.

More importantly, it enables me to focus on my masterclass where I help other photographers hone their skills through street photography. I've tought classes in various subjects for many years and I truly enjoy being able to share my passion with likeminded people.

Contact me

For enquiries, please send an email to

I'm based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but I gladly travel anywhere in the world.